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May 4, 2023

Episode 17: Maximize Your Airbnb Bookings with Stunning Outdoor Spaces


Better Your BnB: Episode 17.

Welcome to Stacey and Valerie’s weekly show, where they review Airbnb properties, listings, and interiors. This week they’re reviewing Charlotte’s property in North Carolina. They provide constructive feedback on the property’s Fab Five photos, suggesting tweaks that could better showcase the entire room and exterior. They also provide three key takeaways from every episode.


0:00 Introduction

0:53 Reviewing the “Fab Five Photos”

1:37 Take away 1: Dress Up The Deck

4:40 Take away 2: Steam the Curtains

5:58 Take away 3: Have Enough Seats for Everyone at the Table

7:20 Keep it Up


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